Create a Rustic

Air-Plant Wreath

Inspired by the country lifestyle.  


Creating a living work of art is rewarding and fulfilling.

Included are the steps to create this Rustic Wreath of your own.

So here is the journey …


The Inspiration

Just look at this view!

It’s not hard to find inspiration when you are surrounded by such a gorgeous landscape. 

My mother has always had an eye for country gardening.  Where does this passion come from?  It might be the fresh country air, or the stunning location of their property that drives her to create a country oasis.  The perfect location for us to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.  We definitely reap the benefits of mum’s passionate obsession for gardening and dads incredible building and carpentry skills.  It seems there is always a new project and an evergrowing list of building work dad needs to figure out – He says nagging 🙂 but nevertheless her requests always gets done.  (Mind you he did try and delete the Pinterest App)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make this peaceful Air-Plant Wreath.   Enjoy being creative with Air-Plants


The Materials

Create a sturdy Wreath Structure.

If you are going to tackle this project it is important to begin on the right path.  I’m sure you could purchase other materials to make the round formation but if this has anything to do with my father, he makes things built to last the test of time.  The materials we used to create this living wreath are. 

– Galvanized Steel Punched Strapping

– Riveting Gun and Rivets (or screws to tie it together)

– Thin Wire for securing the plants

– An Assortment of Air Plants and a Bromeliads

Planning for growth

The Know How

DIY Air Plant Wreath.

It all began with creating a circular shape for the wreath.  Living on the farm, you seem to have an endless supply of leftover building material ready to be reused and up-cycled.   Galvanized Steel Punched Strapping is a building material primarily used for roof and wall bracing.  We now know it is also perfect to make Air Plant Wreaths. haha!  It is a lightweight material that not only can hold it’s shape, but it withstands the harsh Queensland climate.   Another bonus is it has integrated holes that makes fixing the plants into position an easier task.

Step two – Fixing the Grandfathers Beard

Living in Melbourne, the Grandfathers Beard is an expensive plant, here it is madly growing everywhere!  I wrapped the grandfathers beard around the steel and secured it with pre-cut small lengths of thin wire. 

Fixing the Air-Plants and Bromeliads

These were fixed in the same way with thin wire, twisting around the Strapping to fix the plants in place

Care for living

Plants need TLC

Caring for your Plants!

Bromeliads are easy to care for – or so mum says.  The trick is to make sure that you have placed the Bromeliads upright so that the water can stay in the center of the plant.  Air-Plants are easy to keep happy.  All they require is watering down once or twice a week.

Be sure to share your experiences making these living wreaths.  Good luck!

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