Cars Themed 3rd Birthday Party

Cars the Movie was such a great film.  It was a clear favourite in our household for a long time so a Cars party it was!

The birthday sweet table was treated to anything and everything cars inspired including a Lightning McQueen cake and the very popular mini Tim Tam cars.  The house was decked out with the racing flags, black balloons and racing inspired decorations.  Although we had organised a cars pinata, that was the only activity we prepared.  For the first time we hired a party entertainer.  This turned out to be money well spent.  He were fantastic and I actually got to chat with the parents this time!  


Cars Birthday Party Food

Cars inspired party food

With the entertainment sorted, let’s dive straight into the food!  We made a selection of cars inspired treats for the children.  

Mini TimTam Cars!

These racing cars were super easy with 4 ingredients.  Tim Tams, Smarties, Cookie Teddy Bears and melted chocolate to secure everything together.  Super cute and decadent dessert.

Cars Cupcakes

Let’s face it, anything you make with a cars photo on a toothpick instantly meets the brief of a Cars Inspired Birthday Party.


Cars and traffic light cookies. These are made with my favourite recipe for biscuits.  You can view the recipe on my Lady Bug blog. They are so incredibly delicious; I think a different shaped cookie features in all of my parties..

little extras

Lightning McQueen Cake

Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Ok, let’s just remind everyone I am in no way a cake decorator.  All of my cakes are made with patience and a big dash of hope!  When you look closer you can see it is not the smoothest and most refined cake, but none of my cakes generally are.  If it looks like Lightning McQueen I am winning!   

games in more detail

Spotlight Balloons!

Racing colours black and red was the theme .  These Helium Balloons were perfect.  

Party Entertainment!

Being 8 months pregnant, I certainly wanted to be relieved of running the party entertainment.  This particular year we decided outsourcing was absolutely the way to go.  Kids entertained – TICK.  Parents can relax – TICK.  Party sorted for another year – BIG TICK!


Melbourne kids party entertainers!  Tips before you choose!

Who is the entertainer?

It is important to know who you have booked.  I do have concerns about companies that are Australia wide.  My concern with online based companies is that they do not represent a person, but more-so a product.  I find exactly the same in the entertainment industry.  Ensure you know who will be arriving on your doorstep by asking for their name.  When you ask the question, don’t settle for a vague answer.  Knowing the person behind the product is important and how the company responds is an insight into how they run their business.

Do you need to provide anything?

Usually the entertainment brings all necessary equipment however it is common for them to require power source.  If they haven’t stipulated anything it is a good idea to check.

Read the reviews

Why not do a quick google search to make sure the Entertainment Companies reputation is positive?  Be sure to look at all of the reviews though.  One bad review in amongst a sea of positive could mean that negative response could be a misrepresentation of what they are really like.  If you are in doubt, take your query straight to the source for clarification.  

What is expected – hours worked?

The party entertainment should give a clear expectation on their hourly commitment.  This would also include arrival and set up time.  A great tip is to choose a time you know all of the children will have arrived and settled in.

Which activities will they be doing?

When choosing kids entertainment, which activities would you like them to do?  Be clear on the activities planned and their suitability to the children’s age.  For younger children, favourites have been balloon art, face painting, magic shows and ventriloquism.  Older party activities can include dancing routines, sports games, craft and cooking parties, just to name a few.  Rule of thumb is, choose engaging, entertainment that is age appropriate and you’re off to a great start.

Working with children’s check

Throughout the initial consultation stage, be clear that you will need to sight their working with children’s card.  This is a mandatory requirement for anyone working with children in Victoria.  If you have not been sent the documentation earlier, be sure to check with the entertainer when they arrive.

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