Jungle Themed


Birthday Party

Our First born’s 1st Birthday Party.  Country Jungle Party


You have done it!  Survived the very challenging first year of having a child.  Some might say the celebration of a first birthday is more for the parents than the child… Yep, I would have to agree.  We travelled back to our home town to celebrate with our family.  A Jungle theme seemed appropriate for our little boys first birthday party in country Queensland.  The jungle themed birthday party included a Jungle Themed Birthday Cake, Cookies and cupcakes.  Given it was a large family gathering, the usual BBQ lunch was served with all of the relatives bringing a dish of choice!  Perfect!


Jungle Inspired Birthday Party Games

Tiger Pin the Tail

Our son was not old enough to participate in most games but the 10 other cousins were keen!  It began with the old favourite, Pin the Tail on the Tiger.


Monkey Piñata

These Piñata’s are always hard to whack!  I know this is the point, right?  Every child certainly had a go at cracking open the Monkey but ultimately it turned into an adult game as well.  What could possibly go wrong!?!

Birthday Party Games With Music

Who doesn’t like Limbo!  There is something fun about an ever-evolving game involving music and a Limbo stick… wait that doesn’t sound quite right!  We used the Piñata stick for this game.  It turned out to be the perfect length so win! win!.  The beauty about Limbo is it can go for as long as you would like it to.  It’s fun, poses balancing challenges for the kids and it revolves around nicely.  We followed this game with some birthday party favourites.  Musical Chairs, Musical Freeze and Pass the Parcel

food for thought

Jungle Inspired Party Food

Jungle Cookies!

Jungle cookies are the best!  These were delicious and although the sticks were fun they were not at all practical.  Don’t worry, we learned from our mistakes..  Shortbread cookies cannot go on sticks!  If you would like to know how I make these delicious butter cookies – Check them out on my Lady Bug Birthday Party Blog

Jungle Cake!

A jungle themed layered cake was simple yet effective.  We celebrated with our friends in our home town and then again with our family in country Queensland.  Given it was winter in Melbourne, the frosting was great to work with.  Queensland weather however, posed a tricky obstacle as the fondant was too moist.  We had to work fast and add extra icing sugar to make it work – Messy and a bit rough but we got there in the end. 

Jungle Cupcakes!

Our lovely sister in-law made these for us.  Fun designs, thanks Renae.

Lunch on us!

Given our family is so large, It’s a tradition for each family to bring a plate of food.  This ranges from salads to delicious hot dishes of Quiche, Lasagne, Asorta (AKA Torta tal-qargha Hamra – Maltese rice, pumpkin, tuna and olive dish), or a plate of amazing desserts.  All prepared with a lot of love and absolutely delicious.  BBQ steak, chicken and sausages with burger rolls and condiments ready to go.  Nothing is ever simple but absolutely delicious. 

little extras

Party  Decorations

The Decorations!

The stunning backdrop of the green gorgeous landscape is a show stopper at any party.  We just needed shade from the Queensland sun!  A marquee loaned from a friend was perfect.  We decorated the tables by firstly laying a green table cloth, then a strip of leopard print wrapping paper.  Orange and brown balloons completed the look.

1st Birthday Party

We did it.  The Jungle Birthday Party for our one year old was done!  The party was everything a Queensland family birthday party should be.  Relaxed with games, a lot of chatter and a ridiculous amount of food.  What made it amazing though is being able to share it with our family.  That was everything.  Everyone loves a great big family hug and it was that and more.

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