Rainbow 2nd

Birthday Party 

2nd Birthday country party!

We were absolutely looking forward to this birthday party.  Not only is our girl a big 2!!,  but we were sharing it with our family in Queensland.  Family is absolutely everything and being able to fly home and put on a party for them was worthwhile.  It was in the middle of winter and yet the sun was shining (as it always is in Queensland).  All of the cousins, aunties, uncles and granny and pops were there to celebrate.  Crazy yes, but that is how it should be right?  We were inspired by our boys Monster Truck birthday so with a twist on colours we replicated the obstacle course with colourful inflatable pool rings and balloons.  It was a hit.  The family loved this mini inflatable world in the country.  


Rainbow Birthday Party games


There is nothing quite like letting kids run around  in the sunshine on luscious green grass and a breathtaking views of greenery landscape.   Add to this an epic obstacle course involving climbing through almost life-sized rings, ducking and weaving through flagged strings and you have a great game that goes on for ages.

games in more detail

Traditional Birthday Party Games with a twist

Looking back, this was a party that was interactive, colourful and so much fun.  It wasn’t until I looked back at the photos (it was 5 years ago) that I realised the Obstacle course was only some of the games we played!

1.  We played Musical Chairs (with Inflatable pool rings instead of Chairs)

2. A Castle Piñata

3.  Limbo

4.  Pin the Cherry on-top of the cupcake!

5. An Epic Obstacle course.

Photobooth Fun!

It helps that my father doesn’t do things by halves.  If I said that I wanted a Photobooth, he would make me one that will stand the test of time!  In fact it actually stayed in the garden for a while – Until mum turned it into another one of her amazing plant creations.  Yep I know where I get it from!

food for thought

Rainbow Inspired Party Food

Lolly Cake Pops!

It’s a shame I don’t have a photo of the first batch!  NOTE:  DO NOT USE A RASPBERRY ONTOP OF A PINK CAKE POP!  I had to quickly improvise when I realised they looked like nipples.  Oh the joys – Really, I should have left them for a bit of a parent laugh!  Nup… These are much better!  

The Food Table Before!

The treats, sweets, sandwiches and platters of fruit and vegies are out ready for the 40 guests – and that’s just our family!  Love it!

Windmill Jelly Cups!

Brightly coloured and layered jelly with a fun windmill on top!

Colourful cupcakes!

Our sister in law made these yummy and gorgeous cupcakes

Crown Cake-pops!

Shortbread biscuits are so delicious and these cupcake shaped ones were fun.  They also used up the raspberries I couldn’t use on the cake pops!  (Read above for explanation)

Rainbow Layered Cake!

Although the frosting was a bit rough, I still appreciated the look I was going for.  I told you I wasn’t perfect!  The colourful dots were a nice idea and the true fun was when we cut the cake.  I was so glad the cake layer colours popped!  

little extras


Vibrant Colour, balloons, fun.

When you are working with an already stunning setting, all I did was add colour and fun to an already beautiful space.  It is such a treat to be back home.  I appreciated all of the extra help and of course seeing my family is always the highlight to any event!  

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