Frozen Elsa

Birthday Party

Frozen Birthday party games, sweets and a birthday cake

Be immersed in all things blue and sparkles with a tiara on-top. Frozen was clearly our daughters favourite movie at the time so choosing this as her themed birthday was perfect.  What’s a Frozen party without an Elsa Birthday cake, Floating Olaf, Tiaras and more.


Frozen Birthday Party Food

Cake Pops

Cake pops always make an appearance at our birthday parties.  There are a few ways to make these.  One is to mix broken down cooked cake and butter cream, rolling them into balls.  Another way (my cheat method) is to use a cake pop maker.  You can find these at department stores including BigW, Kmart and Target.  The cake mixture is simple cooked in the machine.  No added buttercream or messy rolling required.

Attach the cake pops onto the sticks but firstly dipping the stick in melted chocolate.  This will ensure they don’t slide off.  Dip them in pink chocolate and cover it in Hundreds and Thousands and you have a cute little cake treat.


Frozen Icicles

The Frozen inspired icicles were clearly hit and miss!  They tasted good, but some looked very warped and unrefined.  (Welcome to my parties)  My first attempt at making caramel lollies was mostly a pass but I will need to work on my sugar skills.


Wand Fruit sticks!

Kids love fruit as it is, but put them on a stick, and they won’t last long.  You can use any seasonal fruit but favourites are watermelon, grapes, strawberries and rockmelon.  It is a fun idea to cut the watermelon using a star cookie cutter to create the wand top.

Floating Olaf!

Floating on a lake of blue jelly, Olaf is relaxed and ready to be eaten!  Made with various sizes of marshmallows, twiggy sticks and raisins.  It’s a fun way to turn some jelly into an icy snowman’s ice-rink.


Helpful Ingredient Search

Large Marshmallow I found at the Reject Shop sweet section.  Candied noses were from Sugar Station in Northlands.  Raisons, twiggy sticks and smaller marshmallows you can find at most grocery stores.

little extras

Elsa Birthday Cake

Elsa Birthday Cake

The Elsa birthday cake reminded me of the Barbie birthday cakes my mother used to make for us.  Super impressive but easily achievable.  A quick tip for anyone wanting to create a cake using a doll.  Wrap the legs and in Plastic Wrap first.  This will make cleaning a breeze!  I baked the cake in a glass Pyrex bowl as it perfectly formed the shape of the dress.  For the icing I always prefer to use a Cream Cheese Frosting as it is not too sweet but absolutely delicious.  This frosting also holds its form quite well.  My go to icing for sure.

little extras

Frozen party games

games in more detail

Pin the nose on Olaf!

I always try and adapts traditional party games to suit the theme.  An example of this is by using the concept of Pin The Tail On the Donkey and transforming it into Pin the Nose On Olaf!  Readymade games are often purchased from party stores or you can also check department stores in their party section.  

Frozen dancing ribbons!

For a bit of added fun, we made these Dancing Ribbons using Frozen colours.  it was simple case of tying the blue and white ribbon to curtain rings.  Viola!  You have a fun ribbon to twirl around when your dancing to the soundtrack.

home time

Frozen party favours!

DIY Frozen party favours!

Do you want to build a snowman?  Pre-packaged marshmallows, raisins, twigs and a cone nose sweet.  I wonder if they made it home to create or they were devoured in the car ride on the way??.

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