Birthday Party

Themed cake of Pokemon meets the outsourced

party brilliance of Timezone


When planning our sons 8th Birthday Party, it was clear that the latest craze was Pokemon.  We had previously outsourced our sons birthday parties and this year was going to be no different.  We decided to have the birthday party at Timezone.  It is brilliantly set up with the party room away from the kids gaming area so the adults can actually talk without the noise.  Given they don’t supply food, you are welcome to serve your own, which suited us fine.

little extras

Decorating the table Pokemon Style

Pokemon Table Setting

Let’s get Pokemon Crazy!  Nothing quite screams Pokemon like a red and white table with a black stripe down the middle.  This was so simple to DIY.  Simply placing the red and white table cloths side by side and using good-old Gaffer Tape to secure, did the trick.  In the center we used a white paper plate to complete the design. 

Paper plates!

White plates with red napkins completed the Pokemon theme.  We didn’t provide any utensils this time.

little extras

Pokemon Cake

Pokeball Birthday Cake

Yes I could have placed pre-purchased Pokemon on a cake but I wanted to see if I could create my first sphere cake.  I mean, how hard could it be??!   I cannot believe that it actually worked!  What’s the secret to a perfectly spherical cake?  For me it meant I needed to find a way to create the shape without the task of me cutting it out!  I knew my cake forming skills were certainly not up to scratch.  That would have been a disaster! 

Major Hint!  I cooked the cake in round Pyrex bowls!  The cake took twice as long to cook but it worked!   Phew!  There was no way I could create a spherical shape by myself!  We then wrapped the cake in red fondant and decorated.  I love this cake!  Looks tricky but with the help of the round moulds, super easy.


Pokemon Birthday Party Food

Lunch on us!

While the children were busy playing arcade games and Laser Tag, there was plenty of time to prepare the food for the hungry kids to devour.  Pizza’s it is!  We conveniently ordered from a nearby pizza store, so the only thing left to prepare was the fruit and vegetable platters.

Timezone’s mini kitchen!

One of the great things about having your party at Timezone is they have a large working bench for food preparation.   When providing the food, it is important to have a list of items to bring.

Timezone Review!

Our sons birthday party at Timezone was fantastic.  The children loved having free play on the arcade games and had an absolute blast playing Laser Tag.  The Timezone staff were helpful and hands-on assisting the children with their passes and the arcade games.  Situated in a private area, the party room was clean and quiet and had a fantastic preparation area.  No ovens but there is a microwave if you need it.  The bathrooms were not far away which was also a plus.  Timezone have a number of party options available.  Check them out!  It’s worth a look!  

Checklist before you leave home!

  • The cake!  Don’t forget the cake!  Also if you have some extra fondant, it might be handy to bring that along incase of any last minute fix-ups.
  • Knife, candles and lighter for the cake!  
  • Items for Serving – Serviettes, paper plates and cutlery if required.
  • Drinking – Cups and drinks for the children
  • Platter plates, cutting board and knives
  • Platter Food examples – Tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, dips, antipasto, salami/ham, cheese, celery, pear, apples, mandarins, crackers, grapes, strawberries, watermelon…
  • Serving tongs
  • Bring extras – Make sure you cater for any brother, sisters and parents that may like a piece of pizza or cake! 

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