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I begin this exterior blog with one of my favourite projects.  I have always wanted to create a wall garden and I love, love, love how it has turned out.  It is inset into the wall and makes such an impact as you enter our outdoor space.  Want to see more?  Don’t worry there is much more to come. 

Watch this space for more inspirational wall gardens, side garden design, pool build and our Front garden transformation.


Learn how to make an Air-plant Wreath

Learn how to make an Air-plant Wreath

Create a Rustic Air-Plant Wreath Inspired by the country lifestyle.     Creating a living work of art is rewarding and fulfilling. Included are the steps to create this Rustic Wreath of your own. So here is the journey ...Preparation The InspirationJust look at...

Outdoor Wall Garden

Outdoor Wall Garden

Outdoor Wall Gardens Oooh! I love, love, looove Wall Gardens!  Check out tips and tricks that may help you succeed.     When we decided to build a pool, I knew I wanted to add greenery in any way I could.  Pool safety restrictions through a huge spanner in the...


When designing outdoor spaces there are many factors that will greatly influence the success of your project.  Beginning with a clear vision, creating detailed designs, planning and permit research and choosing the right trades are all essential.  This quick guide will point you in the right direction.

Create a detailed plan!

Whether you are a DIY gardener, or you are hiring expert help, a detailed plan will ensure everyone is on the same page.  The scheduling can include:  Timeline, Budget, Trade details, Expenses and quotes.

Regulations and council approvals

Depending on your outdoor project, council approval may be required.  It is important to seek professional advice and contact your local council for any approval or documentation needed.  Be warned…. councils can take their sweet time!!  I know it is frustrating but it’s a vital step. 

Design with the plant’s health in mind.

When designing living spaces, it is important to factor in their ideal living conditions.  Plant health requires three main ingredients:  Sunlight.  Water.  Nutrients.  Finding the right design that compliments what the plant needs is clever planning for a healthy green space. 


How do you want to enjoy your space?  Can the space be multifunctional?  Can you enjoy the space year-round?  These questions prompt a further exploration of hard surfaces, heating, rain or sun protection etc.  Starting the conversation now will open up the possibilities of a space that is not only luscious and green but is also functional. 

Find reliable and trustworthy trades

When hiring a trade, how can you be sure they are honest and trustworthy?  Well there is really no sure-fire way but here are some helpful hints to get you on your way. 

  • Ensure they are licensed. It is completely within your right to ask to view their licence details. 
  • Ask for a previous customer review. It may be inconvenient for the trade to contact previous clients but in doing so it will reiterate their positive relationship with clients.  Hearing first hand positive reviews can put your mind at ease about their workmanship and professionalism. 
  • When all else fails, Google them for online reviews. It is a good idea to read all reviews and make a holistic judgment on the overall experience.  Be mindful that one unfair review in amongst 20 other positive reviews could mean they might be unfairly represented. 
  • Find your trade through online recommendations on social media sites. Of course, you will need to do the above research to make sure the trades are who they say they are, but for many it is a great place to find trades that have been highly recommended. 

We have been lucky with our trades and they have never let us down.  (Touching wood as I type) Tradies often get a bad rap, but when you find ones that are professional, trustworthy and kind, remember to save their number!  Good luck with your search. 

Have fun with it!

Enjoy your garden projects.  Be sure to keep me in the loop with your fabulous creations.

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