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Be inspired and let’s create some amazing statement pieces. 

My Indoor projects begin with two of my favourites. 

Creating a Master build Lego desk for our son and painting my piano teal!  Watch this space for more Interior blog inspiration including two fireplace renovations, converting a baby’s room into a dad’s study getaway and designing and building our epic wall bed.



The challenge of taking on these projects is always preparation and time!  I have certainly learned to reign back the excitement and make some room for logic and planning.  Here are a few tips before you embark on any project, big or small.

Research, research, research!

Did I just repeat myself?  I’m the first person to tell you that diving in and beginning a new project without properly researching it, more often than not, ends up with a Homer Simpson ‘Doah!’ moment.  I know, it is so incredibly tempting to immediately begin while the idea is fresh and exciting.  I have now learned that taking the time to plan will save you in the long run. 

Plan the stages

You don’t need to be a wizard in Excel to project manage a Lego Study table build.  Large or small, planning in every project is incredibly helpful.  You can easily begin with a simple word document and 4 basic headings.   Preparation.  Equipment.  Timeline.  Budget.

Is it better to hire in an expert?

Of course, I’m not the type of person to begin a plumbing or electrical job without the experts.  Before you embark on any project, rule number one – Be safe and hire qualified and trusted trades where required.  Investing in reliable and experienced tradesman for the job is essential.  Have their details on hand and be sure to check if their availability will suit your timeline.

Have a back up plan

There are a number of projects we have begun that required some expert advice mid-way through.  It is best to keep contact numbers of tradesman / businesses on hand for expert help.  If you are after some aesthetic advice, join a Facebook forum.  With so many out there, you are bound to find one that suits your interests

Decide on your overall design.

If you are embarking on a new project, having a clear design to begin with is crucial.  You wouldn’t begin painting a mural without drafted designs or a clear concepts first?  (Well unless you are a pro of course.)  Why not visualise your design before you create it?  I always use Photoshop programs to plan new ideas.  It really helps to visualise the end result before you invest time and money taking on the challenge.  There are many Apps that are helpful.  One in particular I do love is the Photoshop App  I find it so user friendly, clear and efficient.


Prepare your work space (and head space).  Everyone knows you need to wash down walls and sand them before you undercoat.  The same concept of preparation applies to every project.  If you take the time in the beginning to prepare your workspace and project you are in the best position for a fabulous result.


Even small projects will have a monetary expense in some way.  Make sure your planning includes quotes and realistic timelines for delivery.

Have fun with it!

Ok, you have a goal statement piece in mind but remember, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.  Nailed it or Failed it – it is yours so be proud.

Be sure to leave a comment with your fabulous creations!

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