Calling all Shopkins!  Birthday Party

Our Girls 4th Birthday Party – Shopkins Style


Shopkins have definitely gone through a massive phase in our household.  These little plastic figures, like many other toys on the market aren’t great for the environment and yet we have a heap in our home.  It was a fun party with bright colours and a vibrant Lippy Lips cake featuring bright pink and glittery gold cream cheese frosting.   I had many games planned aimed at four year old’s but I soon learned very quickly they just want to play with their friends. 


Shopkins Inspired Birthday Party Games

Shopkins colouring in station.

Children love a space where they can zone out and draw.  This colouring in and beading station worked a treat.  It gave the party guests that wanted a creative quiet  activity a chance bead a necklace or bracelet and to draw.  Preparations – I made this timber pencil stand – Yes you read right – I made it and I might add 4 years on it hasn’t fallen apart 🙂  In keeping with the theme, I placed a Shopkin on the top of each pencil.  The colouring in Shopkins inspired pages were displayed ready for the kids to be colourfully fabulous.  

Parachute games

The Parachute games were a hit!  One hundred balls, a parachute to fling them in the air…seriously what could go wrong!?!

Beading area Tip

When you are preparing an area for the children to bead, it is wise to secure the first bead to the strings.  I had around 30 prepared so that the children can easily begin beading without any adult assistance.     

Shopkins Bingo

This was a favourite activity for a few of the party guests.  They just wanted to play it again and again. 

games in more detail


You can either create the Shopkins Bingo cards yourself or there are many templates out there to print and use.  Laminating the sheets and using a whiteboard marker was a smart move.


There are so many fun ways to use the parachute.  Note – No children were flung in the air during this party!  Balls were though, many of them… one hundred in fact!  The other games you can play is a version of Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie with everyone quickly hiding underneath the parachute when they ‘fall down’.   Also Parachute detective – Who is missing?




I had so many games planned – Freeze Musical games, Musical Chairs, Balloon Tunnel Ball, Pool Donut Obstacle Course, Duck, Duck Goose, Hokey Pokey, Limbo etc…. but I soon learned that all the children wanted to do is dance, play Bingo and draw.  The one thing to remember about parties is you need to go with the flow.  Let kids be kids and ultimately they will decide on what they would like to do.


food for thought

Shopkins Inspired Party Food

Polly Polish Marshmallow delights!

These adorable nail polish delights are simple yet effective.  Dipping marshmallows in pink chocolate is the first step.  Then while the chocolate is still wet, place a chocolate bullet on top.  Viola! Delicious little Polly Polish Treats.

Shopkins Fruit Platter

Shopkins platters of fruit and vegetables were also popular snacks for the children.

Cupcake Queen inspired Cake Pops!

Cake pops are super easy to make and delicious!  mmmm yumm!  Mind you, I do cheat and simply make cake batter and use the cupcake maker.  The icing is the leftover Cheesecake Frosting I made for Lippy Lips Birthday Cake.

Shopkins platters

The other Shopkins figurines featured in the platters were Karen Carrot, Kooky Cookie, Chee Zee and Roma Tomato.

Lippy Lips Shopkins Cake!

What an adorable cake!  Made with pink cake mix, inside is just as pink and gorgeous.  I used three different sized round cake tins to achieve the layers.  The bright pink Cheescake frosting was vibrant and just as delicious.  For the gold icing I used a metallic gold food colourant.  The eyes were printed, laminated, cut out and stuck on with icing.

little extras

Shopkins Inspired Decorations

Shopkins Donut!

Nothing quite screams – ‘Hello the party is here!’ like a Pool ring transferred into a Shopkins donut on the door!

Party Favours

A mixture of Shopkins pencils, notepad, cookies with a Shopkin thrown in for fun!

Colour me brightly!

The room was filled with colour.  A colourful display of balloons hanging from the ceiling was the centrepiece.  Very DIY but it looked a treat!

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