5th Crown

Birthday Party

Our Girls 5th Birthday Party – Crown styl’n


It would be easy to think of a Crown Themed Party to be all about dress-up and role play this was not the case.  Instead, it was a craft party all about making crowns and wands with sequins, beads, jewels and glitter.  Allowing the children freedom to choose their own activities worked well.  It was more like an organised play date with 20 odd children – sounds hectic but they were fabulous.  The kids that wanted to dance, danced and the others that were keen for some craft time did just that.  It is amazing how quickly two hours fly’s by at these parties.  


Crown Birthday Party Craft

Crown Craft Station

It made it so much easier with pre-purchased crown templates from a craft store.  If you’re finding craft materials hard to source,  Riot Craft Store has many crown templates and other craft supplies.  All I needed to provide was the glue and sparkles to decorate.

Let’s wand it up!

Similar to the Crowns, I found cardboard star cut-outs, secured them to a skewer with tape and they were ready to be bejewelled. 

games in more detail


Our daughters Crown Birthday Party was all about craft and fun.  There were no traditional games, just an opportunity for the children to be creative and enjoy their time together.  I had learned pretty early on that birthday parties don’t need to be complicated.   Craft Table – Tick.  Dance area Tick.  Crown inspired food – Tick.  Main meals with vegetables, salad and cooked chicken and beef, Tick.  Beverages for the parents – big tick.  

food for thought

Rainbow Inspired Party Food

Crown Sandwiches!

The crown cookie cutter certainly came in handy with these cute little sandwiches.   

Crown Cookies!

It takes skill to create these Crown Cookies…not!  I love adding themed cookies to the dessert table.  Same recipe, different design.  Super easy.  Check out my favourite cookie recipe here on the Lady Bug Blog.  To reduce the amount of sugar intake, I just outlined the crown with pink icing and topped them with some edible jewels.

Crown Cake-pops!

Another favourite at our parties is the use of the Cake Pop Maker.  This little gem is quick and user-friendly.  Dip the Cake Pops in pink chocolate and top with a gold star.  Voila!  little Crown Pops.  

Crown Fruit Salad!

This Watermelon Crown Fruit-Salad was adorable.  The hardest part? Finding a watermelon!  (Not quite in Season)  Assembly Hint –  To give the Watermelon a stable base, cut off a section at the bottom.  From there it is just carving out the shape and filling with your favourite fruit salad.

Crown Cake!

Super pink, super cute and surpisingly easy.  I used my favourite Cream cheese frosting.  The flavour is not too sweet and the children like the flavour.  The Crown is absolutely edible.  I piped the sugar mixture onto grease proof paper and let it dry on a round saucepan on its side to achieve the rounded shape.  The final step was to spray the Crown with edible gold spray paint.

little extras

Dancing room

Vibrant Colour, balloons, fun.

It certainly helps that I have a dance light my band uses at gigs.  I simply made a corner where there was music, disco lighting and helium balloons.  Pink, white and silver colours filled the lounge room.  I used a mega confetti balloon as a centrepiece for the disco area.  It was pure luck that it reflected the dance light and became a gorgeous disco ball!  Not planned but still awesome!

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