Mermaid Sleepover

Birthday Party

Turning 7 is a big deal apparently:)  Why not have our first sleepover!


Our daughter has been super excited about her very first sleepover birthday party.  Us… Not soo much!  It was a shame it happened to fall on a super stormy Melbourne night but other than that, the kids had fun and they actually slept – well…eventually!

I had planned Mermaid inspired craft activities including painting, colouring in, beading and Mermaid bracelet making kits.  Each child got to snuggle into their Mermaid blankets and watch a Disney favourite – The Little Mermaid.   



Mermaid activities

activities in more detail


Everyone is loving the Hama Beads at the moment.  The best thing about these beads is it gives the children a chance to chill.  It’s a quiet, creative activity that requires patience and imagination.  The worst thing about the beads is that they go EVERYWHERE –  in my opinion – it’s worse than Lego.  Yes.. that bad!

Mermaid colouring in!

Colouring in station ready to go.  Pens, pencils and crayons and a super sized book of Mermaid drawings.  I found this book at BigW

Painting – or shall I call it Epic Fail

I was so chuffed when I managed to find some Mermaid painting plaster kits.  I sure left Kmart pretty proud of my Mermaid purchases.  Sure, I can deal with helping the children create their little cute mermaids.  We were all ready to go when I actually read the instructions asking for the plaster to set for 24hours – whoops!  No we didn’t do any painting at the party. Doah!

Mermaid bracelets!

TK Max have always got random little gems for great prices.  I found a packet of mermaid and sea inspired bracelet kits and I knew they would be perfect.  Realistically, did we have time to make any?? – mmm no.

food for thought

Mermaid Cake

Colour inside and out!


You will just love cutting open this cake and finding a colourfully swirlly rainbow inside.     It looks so impressive but it is super easy!  Trust me!

  • The first step – Separate cake batch into 4 different bowls and add your favourite colours to each.
  • Second Step – Spoon them IN THE CENTER of the pan SLOWLY.  One colour at a time.  When the next colour is poured in, the underneath colours spread out to create the impressive colourful cake.

THATS IT!  And pat on the back – You just made a showstopper!

cover in scales

Mermaid Cake Assembly


Time was not a friend the week of our daughters party.  When I saw already made fondant in the colours I wanted at Coles – I jumped at the chance!  Come on people – I need shortcuts as well!  All we did was roll them out and cut them into circles.  We covered the cake in butter-cream and then began to create the mermaid scales.

little extras

Mermaid room

Mermaid blankets.

Once I realised that four children would not fit side by side on a queen sized bed, I decided to rearrange the sheets and change the orientation.  Each child received a cute Mermaid blanket, Mermaid puppets and a Mermaid pen.  Now the hard part – getting them to sleep!!!

How can you prepare your child for their first sleepover.

    • Welcome a sleeping teddy – In an unfamiliar house, everyone needs a sense of security and familiarity.  Encourage all of the children to bring a teddy from home.
    • Sugar before bed– I know it’s a birthday celebration but there is one main difference – There won’t be parents coming to pick them up!   They are sleeping over – (emphasis on sleeping).  Try and keep snacks and sweets to a minimum in the hours leading up to bedtime.
    • Encourage the usual bedtime routine – Toilet, teeth and bedtime story.
    • Keep the hallway / bathroom light on – It is a good idea to keep at least the bathroom light on when you have little guests.  Waking up in an unfamiliar place is one thing, but not being able to remember where the bathroom is could make for an embarrassing accident. 
    • Sleep– Surely no parents expect to get a lot of sleep on sleepover nights?  For younger children, be prepared to sleep nearby.  I slept on the couch – not the most comfortable I know but all of the children knew I was not far away if they needed me.

    The Verdict.

    Being the first sleepover, I think it went quite well…  Oh, apart from the stormy weather and swapping beds until around 10pm but that’s ok.  My goal was for all children to have a great time and feel safe in an unfamiliar home.   All-in-all a success – Excuse me while I go and make another coffee!

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