Monster Truck Birthday Party

Our Boys Monster Truck party was epic!


15 inflatable tyres, epic Obstacle Course and a Balloon Race Archway!  With a boy’s birthday party looming, I knew I had to keep them active and this obstacle course certainly did just that.  Crazy Relay Races with tunnels, jumps, dives and fast paced action!  The kids loved it and the adults were even keen for a go.


Monster Truck Inspired Birthday Party Games


These tyres really made this party amazing!  Where can you find them?  Other than online, I have also seen them in the pool toy section of Kmart, Target and Rebel Sport.  Given our boy’s birthday party was during Winter I was unsure I would find them anywhere.  Luckily, I managed to pick them up on sale from Super Amart for only $3 each. Bargain!


READY SET GO!  The kids love, love, loved these relay races.  I used the tyres to step into, jump through, carry, climb and run past.  It was fun to see the kids really enjoy being outside in the middle of winter!  We were hoping for a fine day and Melbourne treated us to sunshine and blue skies.   The start and finish arches were made from pipes purchased from Bunnings covered in white and black balloons.  What did we do with all of the tyres?  Each child was given an inflatable tyre as part of their going away gift.


Everyone loves this game.  Kids know the rules, adults can adapt it to any party theme –  Win. Win!  For those that are somehow unfamiliar with the concept – Children lined up, were blindfolded, spun around and attempted to place the number plate in the perfect spot.  Oldie but a goodie!



What to do with a massive cardboard box?  Throw it out?  Absolutely not!  Why not make an epic Monster Truck Photo Booth!  It is amazing what you can create when you tap into your childhood DIY craft side.  I knew if I painted the box it would compromise it’s strength so I decided to use book contact instead.  This was a master stroke!  No painting and the overall vibrant blue surface was not only smooth, but it also strengthened and protected the cardboard.   With the addition of my hubbies Jeep tyres – Yes he took them off his Jeep – It was a photo opportunity to good to miss!


food for thought

Monster Truck Inspired Party Food

Monster Truck Cookies!

Another birthday party, another butter cookie.  With the help of a monster truck cookie cutter, we created these cookies topped in icing and a halved Oreo biscuit for the wheels.

Tim Tam Cars!

Yummm Tim Tams, Oreos and a little bear cookie.  Super indulgent party food.  Needless to say they did not last very long.

Homemade Muesli bars!

Wrap anything in Monster Truck paper and they are themed for the party!  These homemade muesli bars were super yummy.  No… they were not eaten as fast as the TimTam Cars but they were liked, by a few kids at least 🙂


This is one my favourite cakes.  It’s not the most refined cake but a Monster Truck cake doesn’t need to be does it?   We used edible paper print outs for the Hot Wheels and flames.  Liquorish for the wheel treads and sour strips for the tray.  


little extras

Monster Truck Inspired Decorations

Raceway Ticket!

Each Child received a raceway ticket on the way into the party

Party Favours

Each child received a small monster truck with some Violet Crumbles and blue smarties.

Raceway Entrance!

As soon as everyone walked in, they knew the theme of the party was racing!  A black table runner on the floor with white stripes gave a racing road entrance and the racing flags hung on the ceiling completed the look.  

Happy 5th Birthday!

Another party over

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