Laser Tag Birthday Party @ NRG Force

Laser Tag Birthday


We chose a Laser Tag Birthday party for our sons 5th Birthday.  NRG Force claimed it was the ultimate Laser tag and birthday party venue and it did not disappoint.  The party guests were suited up and all had a fabulous time playing 3 action packed Laser Tag battles.  The arena was a very cool, double levelled battle ground with moving lights and pumping music.  Even-though this was a party aimed out our sons interests, both boys and girls loved getting involved.  (Even some adults joined in the fun).  Me – no I was happy to enjoy a peaceful coffee and chat with the other parents while they were tucked away in the arena.  Good times!


Laser Tag fun!

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Our sons’ friends had such a ball playing Laser Tag.  Outsourcing this party was absolutely a smart move.  We chose a Laser Tag play centre in Thomastown, Melbourne called NRG FORCE LIVE ACTION PLAY.  The children began the party by spending their tokens in the arcade game area.  After a short safety briefing they all were suited up ready to play Laser Tag in the action arena.

NRG Force Party Options

There are 3 party options to choose between.

Basic Party Package

Basic Party – 1.5 hours of action featuring two games of Laser tag, 3 tokens to play arcade games, party food and party host.

Classic Party Package

With a half of an hour extra, the party guests enjoy a jam packed 2 hours of crazy fun.  Adding an additional game of Laser Tag (three in total) gave the children a chance to refine their tactics and targeting skills.  This was our chosen package.

Ultimate Party Package

Why not book an ultimate party experience for your child!  2.25 hours!  In that time your party guests can participate in 3 rounds of Laser Tag, arcade games as well as Glow in the Dark Mini Golf!  Very cool indeed.

Timed to Perfection

Parties at NRG Force are timed to perfection.  When one party group is playing the arcade games, another is experiencing an Epic Laser Tag Battle while a third is enjoying their party food and birthday cake.  Even though there were 3 simultaneous parties happening, it seemed under control, relatively calm and organised.

Coffee – need I say more?

Yes they serve coffee!  A big plus for any kid’s party is keeping the adults happy and a fresh brew of coffee is always welcomed.  Other options that can be organised are fruit platters and other munchies.

Party Food

Included in the package are a choice of Pizza or Chicken Nuggets and Fries.  We also brought along some fruit, chips and the birthday cake.  If you prefer not to bake though, they do offer to provide an ice-cream cake.  I’m sure the party guest would be thrilled with an ice-cream alternative.  


If you are bringing a homemade cake, NRG Force do kindly ask that it does not contain any nuts as it is a ‘Nut Free Centre’.  Nut allergies are quite common these days and it’s great to find play centres that have chosen to adopt this policy.  

little extras

Laser Tag Birthday Cake

Laser Tag Birthday Cake with Lights

Unless you play laser tag, you wouldn’t know what this cake is supposed to be.  In-fact a few of the kids were still confused even after they played the game!  I loved how the lights in the cake brought it to life.  A red beam of light from the laser gun and blue lights in the vest.  Even though we did need to explain what this cake was, I was still happy with the outcome – At least it was a talking point.  

Laser Tag Party Favours

We continued the laser tag birthday theme with the Party Favours.  Each child received a set of Finger Lights along with some sugar treats.  The spares came in handy!  I wrapped the finger lights in GladWrap before placing them in the cake to create the light beams – Perfect!

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