Outdoor Wall Gardens

Oooh! I love, love, looove Wall Gardens! 

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When we decided to build a pool, I knew I wanted to add greenery in any way I could.  Pool safety restrictions through a huge spanner in the works.  Wanting to be compliant now meant three existing trees had to go and we needed to totally rethink the design.  Sometimes the best ideas come when you don’t have much to work with! 

I absolutely adore this wall garden and to my families surprise it is actually SURVIVING!  Trust me, this is usually the hardest part for me -Keeping plants alive!  

So here is the journey …


The Design

Planning for a wall garden is essential

In our case there were pool guidelines we had to adhere to.  **PLEASE SEEK OWN PROFESSIONAL ADVICE ABOUT POOL REGULATIONS IN YOUR STATE** 

Our first design kept the original Ornamental Pears as our green feature.  When an arborist came to remove an existing olive tree, he had some sound advise.  To his knowledge, Ornamental Pears root structure is so strong that it has been known to crush PVC pipe and crack concrete.  Ahhh that’s not going to work!  Even if this was an exaggeration, we weren’t prepared to take the chance. 

With the trees removed, now we needed to re-think how we were going to have a splash of green.  My next thought was to install an amazing circular steel vertical garden.  I was so thrilled with this idea and began planning straight away.  Drawing up designs, researching companies, marking where they would be placed on the fence, looking for DIY alternatives….  Then came another expert with priceless advise.  The pool fence site and measure expert questioned what was happening with all of the fences surrounding the pool.  He was concerned with pool compliance.  OMG!  It wasn’t until now we realised that all fences had to be resurfaced to adhere to the non climbable compliance regulations.  The amazing circular wall garden was within the 900mm from the top of the fence which meant that we wouldn’t be given our certificate of compliance..  (face-palm)  Now what??

I was not going to let this go.  I had my heart set on a wall garden, there must be a way to achieve 900mm down without compromising on the dramatic look and large scale I was trying to achieve.  With the help of Photoshop, I played around with heights, angles and finally shapes.  I found a solution!  Now we were building… Drum Roll… a rectangular wall garden!  I love it and am soo thrilled we were able to achieve a luscious green space without compromising on compliance and pool safety.


The Wall Garden Build

Wall Garden Structure.

Once the dimensions of the wall garden were mapped out, we were ready to begin this exciting but mammoth task of creating an inset wall garden.  The first step was to priorities the wall garden frame, securing it to the concreted posts.  I purchased wire mesh from Bunnings and stabilised it to the posts and frame.  Once the watering system was installed, it was all systems go for the new fence paling’s to be screwed in.   I find the painting stage so satisfying, especially when it is such a rich colour.  Dulux colour – Domino.  Big Tip!!  Invest in a paint sprayer!  It definitely made the 3 coats easier to apply.    Wow that paragraph took 1 minute to read and a few weeks to complete!  Easy right – not quite… but we got there in the end.

Planning for growth

The Pots

It’s all about the Pots.

In my experience, a huge factor for wall garden success is the size of the pot.  Through online and nursery research, I chose a pot that had a substantial area for the roots to grow.  We purchased the pots from Wall Gardens and I am now a fan!   I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just found them to be the best option for long term plant health.  You can visit them here Wall Gardens.  Another added benefit of this wall gardening system is that you can easily remove each pot individually for replanting or rearranging.  The pots are also designed for the water to drain onto the pot below.  This meant we only needed to place the watering system in the top row as the water would run onto the plants underneath.  another brilliant feature of these pots is that they are designed with the perfect  gentle angle allowing not only a fabulous view of the plants, but also it enables them to seamlessly cascade down the wall garden. 


The Plants

The Plants!

It is important to choose the right plant for the right conditions.  For this outdoor wall garden, it is position in full sun for the majority of the day.  Choosing grasses, succulents and other hardy plants was a wise decision.  With the help of the automatic watering system, the majority of the plants are thriving one year on.  Winning!

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