10th Birthday Party @ Archie Brothers

 Archie Brothers Review

We wanted our son to have a fabulous 10th birthday party and the newly completed Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq did not disappoint.  We knew this party would be challenging.  The logistics of taking 14 children in 3 cars into the city safely was only step one.  Keeping their excitement under control was probably the most challenging part.  ROOAADD TRIPP!!

I must say, I have a new favourite venue for kids parties.  Archie Brothers at the Docklands, Melbourne was absolutely brilliant.  The venue is so well set out.  Bright Circus style colours, awesomely decked out with Circus memorabilia and from a parents perspective it was actually clean!!  Kids enjoyed unlimited play on the Arcade Games, Dodgem Cars, Virtual Reality and were treated to REAL pizzas and large fruit platters.  Winning!  We chose a Sunday Morning – 10am session and to our delight – NO-ONE else was there – we had the place to ourselves, well for a little while anyhow.

the invitations

Archie Brothers Invitations

The Lanyards

When having a party at Archie Brothers, each child receives a games pass on an Archie Brothers Lanyard.  Given I knew this was the case we made a special trip there to receive our Lanyards early so we can give them out as invitations.  

The Invitations

Everybody loves a pre-made invite!  Archie Brothers have templates ready to go in two vibrant designs.  I simply adjusted the size, added the detail and printed them back to back.  One side with the image and the other with the details.  Once printed, I cut them out and laminated them.  I knew I had the lanyards so adding a hole in the top allowed me to attach them.  Invites done!

the venue

Archie Brothers Games

The Party Packages

Kids birthday packages start at $36 per child.  All packages come with 1 hour Circus Access, Private Party Room, Party Food, Gift for the children and a Ringmaster (I don’t think we give enough credit to the party host).  The difference between the ‘Lion Gamer’ $36 package and ‘The Big Top’ $44 party package is an additional game of bowling.  ‘The Lion Gamer’ package suited us fine!  Visit Archie Brother Party Packages here.

Circus Access!

All party packages include one hour of Circus Access.  What does that mean?  Well, this is the best part!  Kids can choose from Arcade Games, Virtual Reality, Thrillrider and Dodgem Cars.   

The Party Room!

Bright, roomy and away from the crazy noise – Just perfect.  I really do love Archie Brothers for kids parties in Melbourne. 

What I love!

As soon as we arrived we were treated to a red carpet entrance.  The kids were so excited and I knew this venue was going to be something special.   The decor is fun, vibrant, and full of circus memorabilia. 

The arcade games included all of the favourites.  I really enjoyed seeing the children jump in-between their chosen games, but I must say the dodgem cars were super cool.  The smiles on their faces when another teammate crashes into them was priceless.  Virtual reality warning – Be prepared to scream!  I loved this game and embarrassingly the children couldn’t stop laughing at the my reaction.   

On a practical note, the toilets were clean, the staff were patient and wonderful with the children and there is a super cool zone for parents to chill and have a drink.  I think this is my new favourite place for kids parties.  A must see!


all about the cake

The Ice-cream Tower Cake

Epic Icecream Tower Cake


  • Cones and Waffer Chocolate Sticks – We purchased them both from Aldi.
  • Gelato – This was from our favourite Gelato place Miinot in Pascoe Vale – If you live in Melbourne do yourself a favour and check them out!
  • Persian Style Fairy Floss – I managed to find this at a Turkish Grocery Store
  • Decorations including the wire battery lights – BigW and Kmart


Tip 1 – Purchase a cupcake tower

Tip 2 – Pre scoop your ice-creams onto separate cup cake shells.  Then stack and freeze in a container

Tip 3 – All hands on deck – one person grabs a cone and places a Chocolate Wafer Stick into it, then comes the ice-cream.  To finish, place the Fairy Floss loosely on-top.

Simple right?  I was actually surprised at how easy it was to assemble.

party favours

Gumball Party Favours!

Circus Themed Party Favours

Amazing Pinterest came through again with this idea with DIY Gumball Machines.  Who would have thought putting a paper cup upside down and then hot gluing some clear plastic Christmas balls would be so effective and super cute.  For those of you who are having trouble sourcing the Christmas Balls out of season – I found them at Lincraft.   I filled them with Jaffas and one snake in each.  It was hilarious to see the children try and get the snake out of the containers!

archie brothers party

Party done!

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