Build a Lego Study Desk

Have you got some leftover Lego?   Why not make a study desk?…. 

Said no-one!.


Ahh..Lego’s…, those amazing little objects that seem to magically find their way under your bare feet as you move around the house.  They are little magnets for that very sensitive part in between the ball of your foot and heal.  Yeeouchh!  It’s bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about it.  Those that live with Lego know the pain! 

I was feeling inspired to get them off the floor onto something permanent!  After seeing an inspirational post by an Architecture company creating an Epic Lego Boardroom Table, I was in!  Yes another project…  Let’s create a Lego masterpiece!  I decided this would be a perfect little project to embark on. 

It can’t be that hard right?


Lego Desk Planning

The Desk.

My first plan was to find a run-down desk and make it new again.  All I found at the time though, had a rough table top and I needed it to be super flat.  With this in mind we purchased a study desk from Ikea for this project. The IKEA MICKE Desk, to be exact.  

Map out the dimensions.

Online it stated that the dimensions are 105 x 50 however just to be sure, once assembled we checked the measurements.  It was time to begin the master build!  Where to start?  Out came the boxes of Lego and we were kids again! The most appropriate area for the building project was the dining room table.   Using painters tape we measured out the dimensions and began building.

Double the Strength

Here is a hint for you!  Double the strength!  Make sure you build at least 2 Lego bricks in width.  We did learn this the hard way.  It was taking sooo incredibly long, so we began to take shortcuts and built sections with just one layer.  It was clear that the build became unstable and the strength was compromised.  The structure was too weak.  This was not going to cut it.   Lesson learned!    Take your time and build with stability and design in mind. 


After a lengthy build… I would say a few weeks of building whenever we got a chance – You know, in-between working, gigging, parenting.  Yes, it took a while!  We transferred the Lego onto the Ikea study desk and it was time to secure the tempered glass top.  We gave the measurements to a local glazier and had our fingers crossed we measured it correctly! 

Helpful Hint – Don’t forget to include the exact measurements of the hole that is integrated in the study desk.  I used a very sophisticated fool-proof method.  Ready for it?  I placed a large piece of paper on-top (the exact size of the study top) and traced the position with a pen.  I know thinking outside the box, right?  Yes, there must have been a better way, but I didn’t want to mess this up with incorrect calculations.  I was a bit embarrassed to hand this into the glazier, but it worked!

It was time to pick it up and woohoo it fits!  Winning!  We used double sided tape to secure it to the Lego so we can adjust it in future.

food for thought

The finer details matter!


We did it!  What do I love the most?  All of the hidden messages for our son to find.  Lego’s without heads, bats going rogue, messages to clean his room and to be kind to his sister, Lego man hanging out, chill out zones, buildings on fire and more!  I loved creating all of these quirky personalised features!  Create a Lego desk more than just bricks and add personality to your Lego build.  If you create it, share it.  I’d love to see your Lego creations.  Questions or comments, feel free to enter them below.

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