Arr!  Welcome to da Pirate Party 

Welcome to the Pirate 4th Birthday Party!


I knew our son’s birthday was fast approaching and I had to decide on what party theme we were going to have.  At a weekly mums group get together – you know the ones that keep you sane!  The idea came about having a joined Birthday Party for our crazily delightful 4-year old’s.  Uhhh yeah – of course jumped at the chance!  We decided on a pirate theme.  Ok let’s divide and conquer!   We planned pirate games and food, but the true stars of the party were our hubbies!  They absolutely nailed making their pirate themed food.  An incredible Pirate Ship birthday cake and an amazing watermelon fruit salad pirate ship!  

Undoubtedly the show stoppers of the day!


AMAZING Pirate ship birthday cake!

Pirate Ship Kids Birthday cake!


Oh – you can’t see any instructions??  Well that is because I didn’t make this A-MAAA-ZING cake.  This was the work of my beautiful mums group friend.  I knew they were working hard on this, but I never expected it to be so epic!  Hands down, absolutely my favourite cake of all!  Sensational!  

This cake was as delicious as it looked made with chocolate mud cake.  My kind of cake. 

The final touches of Chocolate goodness!

  • Ferrero Rocher chocolates for golden treasures
  • Blue M&M’s to mimic the crashing waves
  • Maltesers for the cannon balls
  • Cadbury Curly Wurly Chocolate bars for the ships railings and also to secure the candles in place
  • My favourite though was the clever wheel made from a mint chocolate biscuit. 

The absolute stroke of genius was to place the candles on the side like cannons.

I’m still so impressed by this epic Pirate Ship Cake – Enjoy creating your own Pirate Ship birthday cake and be sure to include the treasures, cannon balls and hidden surprises. 

little extras

Watermelon Pirate Ship

Watermelon Pirate Ship

I asked for a watermelon pirate ship, gave my hubby a picture as a guide and the result was amazing.  While I was picking up balloons, he created this masterpiece!  Ok I shouldn’t have been so surprised!  He did get a tad insulted when I continued to rave over his creation.  Yes, I was totally surprised that it looked so great.  I loved how he used a Pirate Figurine and cooking string to finish the look.

Pirate Jelly Cups!

These were super easy and looked so cute!  To make these at home, begin with pouring the blue jelly into cups and leave to set in the refridgerator.  The next step is to cut an orange in half and scoop out all of the pulp.  This will leave an empty orange shell.  Simply fill this with red jelly and place in the fridge to set.  Once set, carefully cut the orange in half to make the ship and complete with a toothpick and sail.   I said it was super easy!

little extras

Aarhh!  The Pirate’s are callin’

Pirate Dress Up!

Armed with a mountain of Pirate Dress Up, each child received an eye patch, earing, telescope, hook and bandana.  

Ship Party Favours!

These were fun but time consuming!  Little paper pirate ships and a brass telescope were the pirate inspired party favours.  

games in more detail

Pirate Party Activities!

Party Entertainment!

The main entertainment was smart move.  20+ excited and energetic children were entertained by a Melbourne Childrens entertainer. Ahrrrr!  He was awesome with the children!

Tips for choosing the right entertainment

Visit my Cars Birthday Party Blog for some tips to point you in the right direction.  Questions to ask, Victorian regulation checks and things to watch out for.


Pirate Treasure Piñata!

What’s a party without a hard to open Piñata!  This one was extremely difficult for the kids but after they all had a go – The parents joined the fun.  Needless to say they all got the candy.

Treasure Hunt

The final game was a Treasure Hunt!    It was a fun way for all of the guests to have one last chance to get into the Pirate Spirit!   Fun rhyming clues led them all around the house to find the treasure…  A Pirate Treasure Piñata!   

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