About Me!


Welcome to my Blog!  I’m so glad you dropped by!

I have spent my life always looking to create quirky and wonderful things.  From designing our home, to renovating that home, to yet again changing the configuration of the rooms because it was not quite right yet.  I see my life is a never ending opportunity to make the most of what I have in-front of me.

There is certainly a buzz around House Design and Renovating at the moment.  It’s not hard to see why with popular renovations shows like The Block, House Rules, Love It Or List It, The Living Room and the old favourite Better Homes and Gardens just to name a few.  All of these shows aim to push the boundaries of design, keep up with new trends and most importantly they make design accessible to the average DIY.

 Quirky Statement Pieces

Well why not paint those walls and transfer a babies room into a hip Melbourne study?  Why not cover those kitchen benches with Kmart Vinyl Wrap – WAIT!  Why is this a thing?? Ok I am still confused why this is a trend.  No I won’t be doing that!  You still with me??  It’s ok, breathe out a sigh of relief, I was just checking to see if I still had your attention:)

My aim for this blog is for you to enter the life of a mum, a vocalist, a person that has been through a renovation, a pool build and has been inspired to tackle DIY projects just…. because – well why not?

Give it a Go!

Take it from a person who is willing to give things a go, I mean you can always paint the piano a different colour if you don’t like it right?  I’m always so excited to see new and wonderful products come on the market.  I try and encourage great design products that actually work.  Our wall garden is a perfect example of how choosing the right product has turned this project into a success!

Other than home design quirky ideas and statement pieces, there is another huge part of my life that deserves a mention. 

Having children is a crazy roller-coaster of all things fabulous, rewarding, emotional, tiring, challenging, horrible and sometimes absolutely disgusting – and this can all happen in one day!  No this blog isn’t about parenting tips and survival tricks but more-so an insight into the celebrations. 

Birthday Party Inspiration

Bold and Gorgeous birthday parties for both boys and girls.  I’ve always believed that birthday parties should be celebrated – I mean another year on and you have this amazing little boy and girl reaching milestones right before your eyes.  I’m so glad we captured all of these parties. 

Enjoy being immersed into our girls party themes of 6th Rainbow Birthday Party, Crown Birthday Party, Mermaid Birthday Party, Lady Bug Birthday Party, Frozen Birthday Party, Country Rainbow Birthday PartyShopkin’s Birthday Party.  Our boy, now 10! OMG how did that happen!  He has enjoyed Jungle Themed birthday party, Laser tag birthday party, Archie Brother’s Birthday Party, Pirate Birthday Party, Pokemon Birthday PartyCars Birthday Party, Monster Truck Birthday Party and a Lego Birthday party.  Man that is a lot of parties!

I am ABSOLUTELY a lover of Pinterest.  It is my go-to when I need inspiration on birthdays or DIY projects.   

My hope is that you can Be Inspired 2 Create amazing spaces, amazing things and amazing birthdays.  If you want to achieve something, then give it a go!  Even if your project isn’t to everyone’s liking – at least it’s a great conversation starter with friends.

Let me know your thoughts and have a fab day!



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