Rainbow 6th

Birthday Party

Our Girls 6th Birthday Party – Rainbow style


This 6th Birthday Party was all about rainbow colours.  Vibrant yellow, red, orange, blue, pink, purple and green.  Bright.  Rich Colours.  Fun.  A birthday party with a focus on crafty goodness.  Colourful and fun activities.  A balloon photo-booth, disco room and dream catcher stations.  I loved watching the children experience the different activities, moving from one activity to another as they pleased. 


Rainbow Birthday Party Craft

Dream Catcher Station

Having already prepared the round Dream-catcher frame, all the children needed to do was choose what they would like to hang from them.  Colourful beads, strings and ribbons were the favourites!

Rainbow Craft.

In keeping with the rainbow theme, we created a craft station to make your own rainbow art.  A station including colourful pre-cut crepe paper, cotton balls, paper, glue and paper plates cut in half.

games in more detail


This party began with a disco in our daughters’ room and then it was craft time.  There were a few craft activities for the birthday party guests to choose from.  The party guests could make their own dreamcatcher with colourful ribbons, string and beads, make their own paper mosaic rainbow and necklaces. 


Kmart surely did come in handy here!  When I saw the fun cardboard photobooth signs and objects, I knew we needed to create a balloon photobooth.  For a previous party we purchased black bendable pipe from Bunnings.  (Who knew this would come in handy again!)   We secured each end of the pipe to two speaker stands (yep I’m a muso) with gaffe tape.  From there it was the mighty task of blowing up the balloons, tying 4 at a time together and securing the string to the pipe.


The party guests had a lot of fun in my daughters’ room, dancing to music.  Once again, really no activities were required, they just enjoyed each other’s company, dancing to their favourite tunes.  A dance light completed the disco room, let the dancing begin!


Yes, you can absolutely create your own dream catcher.  It is much more fun to make your own right?  Seriously though, it is not that hard. 

Lets dive in to the material you will need:  Wire, string, spray paint, beads, colourful wool and ribbons. 

Wire:  The first step is to find the right gauge wire.  Bunnings has an assortment to choose from.  It needs to be strong enough to hold the structure of the circular shape but thin enough to easily bend into shape.  To secure each end together I just used gaffe tape. 

Dream Catcher pattern:  Once the circle was created it was time to wind string around it to make the dream catcher pattern.  You can find many online tutorials that will help you. 

Paint it yellow!  A fun splash of yellow completed the look.  Hint – make sure you purchase a spray paint that will adhere to the wire! 

Prepare the lengths of string:  Now we were ready for the children to hang all different types of colourful ribbon, beads and wool, it is a great idea to firstly pre-cut them into lengths. 



food for thought

Rainbow Inspired Party Food

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Super cute rainbow cupcakes.  Blue icing, Sour strips and white icing for clouds to secure.

Rainbow Cake!

I’m really happy with how this cake turned out.  Especially considering that it was very experimental.  The inside was just as colourful with rainbow colours featured throughout.  Complete with a Piñata style (hidden lolly compartment).  This cake was a hit!  Check out how to make this cake here

Popping candy cakepops!

What’s better than cake pops?  Topping them with popping candy!  It was a fun surprise for the children. 

little extras

Rainbow Inspired Decorations

Dreamy Chandelier!

Colourful crepe clouds hanging from the chandelier and an example of the dream catcher creations the children got to make.

Photo-booth – Balloon Rainbow

A home made Balloon garland worked a treat as the backdrop to some fun times. 

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